The days of ‘whine’ and roses…..

Today I had the pleasure of spending the morning with a ‘oldie but goody’ kinda friend.  It’s a person who finds the sheer pleasure of just being together ‘a gift’.  She is a rose amongst the ‘whining’ and is a reminder of all that I am learning to love and embrace about myself.  It is SUCH a blessing to have ‘messengers’ in our lives who bring us back to what makes us happy.  Today my wish for each of you is that you find the roses, that you work on not being a thorn and reap the bouquet of life, and…… when the ‘whining’ starts, stop, breathe, ask yourself, what is the underlying message that I am supposed to glean from this moment, ?  Then later in the day, grab yourself a glass of good wine, find one of those special friends and hunker down for some much needed Chick Chat.  Sending you love today from the Heart of the Carriage House.  Until tomorrow……when I begin to tell you all about  G.U.T.S and SpritedDragonFly11


2 thoughts on “The days of ‘whine’ and roses…..

  1. Thanks, Patty – it’s been a long time in coming and with much love and encouragement from many mentors, here it is, the beginning of the journey to finish my book, share my heart with others and be salt and light in a world in need of love. Keep in touch and if you know how to ‘follow’ me, please do, I am still trying to understand the dashboard and settings and all that behind the scenes jazz. I am back to Calligraphy and Creative Memories full time and am actually for hire! I am making digital books/Storybooks as well as scribing ‘works of heart’ for any occassion. Traditional hand-made albums are also still available and the Carriage House is undergoing a transformation as well, just like me! Miss your smile and miss your store. What chapter of life are you in these day? Would love to stay connected as you are one of the ‘heart’ people I love to have in my life. I think of you often!

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