Welcome to ChickChatfromtheCarriage House

There comes a time in life when we realize we have a story to tell, something remarkable to share and decide that maybe we should open up our hearts and ‘tell’ ~  Through much encouragement from a myriad of girlfriends, I have decided to start writing my book in the land of ‘blog’.  I will write from the rustic Carriage House that sits behind my home, where all kinds of wonderful handicrafts are made.  Out there we quilt, we watercolor, we scrapbook, we sew, and we sip gourmet coffee and wonderful herbal teas.  There are workshops, classes, retreats and lot’s of chick chat, hence the name of my blog.  This site will be a forum for me to share wisdom, insight, joy, and what I learn.  Looking forward to Remembering, Connecting and Celebrating Life with all of you~


2 thoughts on “Welcome to ChickChatfromtheCarriage House

    • Joni – the Carriage House door is always open. It’s a great, spiritual space. It’ has high energy and is nestled under the canopy of 2 – 400+ year old oak trees. Their massive strength, the shade they provide and the awe and wonder I get when I think that they were rooted from 2 acorns just wows my spirit. A lot of the kids in the neighborhood call the Carriage House a ‘treehouse’ because the staircase on the outside of the building that walks up to the workshop space ends at the intersection of the 2 trees. I shall have to post pictures. Dominique Mahlow has spent many nights cropping out there with me, and has walked home down our street w/ her suitcase in hand in the wee hours of the morning after spending time remembering, connecting and celebrating life out back. It’s a small space, just about 400 square feet, but it’s mine, it’s free, there isn’t any overhead, so whatever business I run from it is pretty doable and the commute isn’t tough at all, just 25 paces from the back door of the main house and I am in my own heaven. My sewing machine is out there, where I quilt. All of my paper and stamps and inks and pens are out there and it’s where I create cards and bookmarkers and goodies for my Viktorias Kreations and Kalligraphy business and it’s where I want to move my meditation space. It needs a good dusting and vacuuming because over the last 2 1/2 years my soul moved out when I went back to work and I neglected this haven. (ding dong that I am) NOW I can’t wait to get back out there, my home away from home! Thanks for reading my blog, I just finished my ‘ABOUT’ page and I noticed that you have a blog called HealingJoy, I am going to find it and follow/read you. THAT is so cool, if it weren’t for G.U.T.S. I would have never known you. Hope you got my card and that this note finds you well and on your adventure to ‘one ness’

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