Introducing Mr. Bingsley, my best friend!

Five pounds of sheer sexiness~

I will not look at the camera because you want me toToday, I thought it would be fun to introduce you all to Mister Bingsely, my five year old Yorkshire Terrier. He came into our lives about five years after we lost our first Yorkie, Nollaigin and it was love at first sight. This little guy has such a BIG personality and is spunky, and quite the licker! He loves to go for long rides in the car where he lazily lounges on our laps and he enjoys quiet time in the Carriage House where he hangs out in his own little wicker bed. I used to feel lonely out back when I was creating, but now I have this little guy to keep me company and he is with me all the time. I seriously do talk to him, when I am working and we've made up a special voice for him, so he sort of talks back (thru us) of course!For those of you who know what it is like to be attached to a little dog, you'll understand. For those of you you don't, it will be hard for you to understand this love affair.There is a funny story about 'how' Mister Bingsley got his name, I am an avid read of Historical Fiction, and have always loved the book: Pride and Prejudice - well, the LOVE interest in the book was named Mr. Bingley- don't know how I missed the fact that there was no 's' in the name, so basically his name means nothing and everyone busts me about it. I love you mommy!

So, today is a short and sweet post, I just wanted you to all meet the other guy in my life.  The one who is always happy to see me, always happy to go for a walk, sleeps with John and I ( we often feel like we are sleeping with a squirrel ) and just brings me/us so much happiness and joy.  I will admit that we broke all of the ‘dog’ rules with him, I like to feed him from the table, let him eat human food, and he loves when I chop red peppers, I think the dog would like to be a vegetarian.  

We had bought the dog as a surprise present for our daughter, Kelsea, who at the time was 12 years old and swore up and down the day she rec’d him that she would groom him regularly, walk him ALL THE TIME, feed him and all I can say is this, if the dog was truly hers (and not mom and dad’s) he would be on a catheter and a feeding tube!

WE all fight over who gets to hold him and we steal him from each other when the one who took him to bed first falls asleep, it’s fun!  (Kelsea isn’t laughing)

John likes to do funny things with the dog.  For some reason, his tongue gets stuck out of his mouth when he falls asleep  (a lot) and we have coined the term :  ‘dead-dog-tongue’.  It gets cold and hard as a rock and stuck and he sleeps this way.  Here are a few shots of him after he just woke up…..

Half awake, half asleep-

Why am I up on the kitchen counter - because i am soooooo cute!

Well, as you can see, I would have failed the Woodward method of dog training, for this guy is the boss of me.
I love him so much and you can’t tell me that dogs and animals don’t have feelings (anthropomorphism) because I just can’t believe that Mister Bingsely doesn’t love me as much as I love him!
Can you?


2 thoughts on “Introducing Mr. Bingsley, my best friend!

  1. Hello wordswithpurpose, thanks for writing. I will head on over and ‘see’ your blog. Mr. Bingsley is the soother of all emotional wounds, the unconditional friend and does bring me so much joy. I can’t imagine life without him, especially today. It’s been a rough start – we have a 17 year old daughter and emotions are high, independence is separation are here and it’s been a tough couple of days. Even tougher when you are blogging and sharing your sould and in the process of writing a book and the people around you aren’t so sure you’re authentic enough to do so. It’s so odd. My blog today shares more about the journey.

  2. I am so glad to come across your blog! Your Mr. Bingsley is so adorable. 🙂 I am quite sure that he brings a lot of joy into your life. After all, our pets are our family, and they love us unconditionally. I can’t imagine life without our precious pets. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing. I hope you get a chance to drop by my blog sometime too (lots of stuff on animals). Best wishes to you and your family.

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