Transitions, a New Year to contemplate Joyfulness and a return to the ‘words’

It’s been over a year since I blogged. 

Forgive me, for it feels like I have let myself down, and also let you down.

Seems I was undergoing yet another transition.  I am about to ender my 49th year, and it has been said that our body changes every 7 years – thus this will be my 7th evolution~ That seems to resonate as a common thread amongst my fellow soul-searchers,  scribes, quilters, watercolorists, scrapbookers, card-makers, memory keepers, crafters and avid readers.

Many of you have asked me:  What happened to ChickChatfromtheCarriage House?  WE LOVED READING IT!  Well…………the truth is – my life coach told me to stop writing and to start living.  Somehow, when you are an intellect, an avid learner – and live in your head (and not your HEART) ~  you tend to ‘KNOW’ the facts and relish the words, but you don’t ”OWN’ them.  I was getting really good at storing up the treasures I had begun to learn in my grey matter, and intercolate the learnings into my own life, but I wasn’t living them. My soul was still crying out for ‘more’ and  I was sharing the words readily with all of you but still not living (loving) ‘ME!’

Hard lessons to learn in life.

Many of us have children who have gone off to college and started the next phase of their lives.  Some of us have embarked on new careers, and as for me I headed back to pharmaceutical sales and thus have had to put aside my inspirations and aspirations to start over, yet again. I miss my Viktorias Kreations and Kalligraphy business and my Creative Memories journey has also stalled.  I love working from the Carriage House in my own cottage industry, using my hands and creativity to honor the gifts that God has given me.  I needed to work full-time to ease the burden of funding Kelsea’s Northeastern University adventure.   Starting over is ok.  Change is good.  To be stagnant in one’s life removes the possibilities. 

So, that brings me to ‘why’ I decided to start writing today, the Sunday before New Years Eve~ I love the New Year.  It’s a time to recollect and cherish all that we have – a time to dream about what we’d like to become, where we’d like to go and make new goals.  It’s a time to shed the ‘shoulds’ and try to realize what we gain when we lose the misconceptions, the self-loathing (for whatever it is that we loathe about our beautiful selves)

Since I last wrote, I have completed my G.U.T.S course with Reggies Coaching Academy and created a future self name:  SpiritedDragonFly11.   She is the BEST version of ‘me’ and well, the next chapters of my life will be living as ‘she’ lives.  To my utmost best.  (More about her in future blogs)

I have taken to Pinterest and must say it can be addicting.  Just like Facebook, and Twitter and e-mails and text messaging and all the other ways our world communicates now, it is important to me to hold on to the words.  The words matter.  Not just the content but the words themselves, I long to write with my calligraphy nibs, to dip the pen into the antique ink well that was gifted to me from MaryKay Condon of Nantucket Hydrangea Farm.  (We found it in the Nantucket Thrift Shop and it’s ancient) I want to feel the quill scratch the paper, watch the ink run through and smudge, to pen the words that will be left behind.  All of this technology makes me worry.  What ‘will’ remain?.  Will the children of tomorrow have the tangible opportunity to pick up a book- an old, yellowed, worn-out, page turner that was adored by someone else? Will they have that feeling you get when you know that  by someone elses loving hands held the pages being read?   I don’t know about you, but there is something about how an ‘old’ book smells, wondering where it’s travelled, whose lap did it sit in, and just the legacy it provides. 

I don’t get that feeling from my NOOK, nor do I love my laptop.  I love writing letters – the old fashioned way.  I love snail mail.  I love cards and thank-you notes and actual invitations.

What do you feel?  Where do you like to seek your ‘words’ – tell me….


One thought on “Transitions, a New Year to contemplate Joyfulness and a return to the ‘words’

  1. Dearest Vicki,

    Hello to you and hello to 2013.

    I feel that I must always have close proximity to pen and paper –and I do mean always. I love the options of ink and different quality of paper that can vary widely. I love the tactile feel of holding a writing utensil and the touch of paper. Alas, there is always a smile pile or two of paper that seemingly brings me comfort; an attachment maybe?

    I love my iPad2. It serves its purpose although Ive been known to acquire an e-book and a hard copy version of the same title and I have the flexibility to highlight or underline either as I see fit. One thing that I cannot bring myself to do however is to bend a single paper page, ever. It seems disrespectful. Now whats that all about?

    I am filled with joy and a blessed woman. Each and every day I marvel at the glorious day-to-day events that juice me and fill me with heart with joy. Having a companion to share these thoughts could be the icing on the cake. In Gods time and way. These events might be the marvelous new person that I met as a one-time encounter, never to speak again, yet they can fuel my soul and lift my spirit. It could be the unexpected viewing of wildlife or the sun touching my skin.

    On Christmas Day I opened the final four cards and each of them touched my heart in a very special way for different reasons.

    The timing of your blog makes me chuckle as it was only yesterday that I was compelled to pick up a wide array of cards; I prefer the Papyrus brand best and today I returned and selected several more. Yikes! The cost of writing is expensive these days yet I must follow my heart.

    Each of us is a treasure whether living or dead for we live not in isolation yet in communion with one another. Our actions such as random acts of kindness ripple out through the universe. So, whether it is in the form of snail mail greeting or its electronic counterpart, they are all welcome in my life sharing ones happiness or the events that make us sad.

    In closing, one of the cards that I acquired says, The art of doing nothing is really something. I think Ill sit with that for a while.

    Hugs girlfriend! I am envisioning a lively and joyful get together with you –in Gods time. In the meantime, hugs to you and John.

    Love always,


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