Sometimes helping another soul is the best gift you can give yourself

Fleeing to Freedom

Fleeing to Freedom

Fleeing to freedom resonates so much with me today- as I ponder the entrapment of working full-time and never seeming to have enough “me” time. I have been mentored lately to move my body/just simply walk to renew and refresh my attitude. But what do you do when you just don’t feel like moving? In that moment we choose to stay still. We dream about going away on a vacation to an island out to sea where the salty air tickles our nose. We long to bury our toes in the sand, read a good book and unwind. Often, the opportunity to go away isn’t possible – so the next best advice I have ever been given is if you don’t seem to be able to help yourself – help someone else.
I spent the morning encouraging other people. Some notes were handwritten for others were emails and texts – after about an hour I felt so elated, my spirits were lifted and i knew that I was blessing myself by being in gratitude. Simple things – a note of gratefulness can mean everything to the recipient. So I’m spending this late afternoon on my couch – reading The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri / in the sunshine relishing that because others inspire me, I was inspired today to be the one to Bring the Joy! Remembering, Connecting and Celebrating Life with you today


4 thoughts on “Sometimes helping another soul is the best gift you can give yourself

  1. Thanks for posting. I love your perspective. I will continue to read your postings – as they are a balm to my wounded soul.

    • HELLO Tina
      Feel free to share with me – it’s safe here and I can pray for you- we all have wounds – that’s why I picked up writing again- I’m broken but repaired – I used to drag around a steamer trunk and now I’m down to an overnight bag 0:) I’m happy you like my perspective – I wake up everyday and believe their is HOPE – stay connected – sending love and hugs your way –

  2. Vicki you are an amazing person. I love your energy and outlook on life. I can not agree with you more. I too get a great feeling when I help other’s. its so important to genuinely give back. Happy to have you as my neighbor.😊

  3. Hello woman!

    I believe there are no accidents. You reach out to me today and I will share a view that today is the opposite in some respects, and not intended to be confrontational. First, let me preface with a few things. One, I rarely pick up my numerous electronics when I am home these past several months. Thus, writing this is an anomaly; it was just meant to be. Two, I was reading a book last night by Lisa Scottoline, an author that is new to me even though she’s written over 20 books, it was so compelling I was up into the wee hours until my eyes closed on their own. Thus, I cancelled my 8 AM Crossfit session; didn’t want to push it on 4 hours of sleep. Third, consequently I woke up at 11 AM (confirmation that my body deserves and requires 8 hours). YET, for the first time that I can ever recall, I said to myself, you have the whole day today and tomorrow virtually free?!!! Of course, I did today and will work out tomorrow as well. I sat with this discovery that I have all of the time in the world. I was jolted by this self-discovery. When have I ever said this?? IDK truly. So, this is my mindset even at this time of day.

    I was scared when I saw the word “fleeing”. I saw the picture and it was an oxymoron. Serenity and peace come to mind viewing the soulful you at the forefront of the incredible background.

    OUCH. Entrapment; self-imposed entrapment. I’ve been sending words of encouragement to someone feeling, “not enough this and not enough that”; i.e. scarcity versus abundance, fear versus freedom. Again, this is not meant to be antagonistic, the words are coming out.

    Next, when one doesn’t feel like moving, I believe that one must move. Stand up! Stretch. There are so many actions that can be taken from a work cube. I know. I do. I’ve been “seen” by unsuspecting co-workers who meander past my work cube. I practice various standing yoga poses. I feel that doing something each hour, whether it’s a walk to the restroom or …. resets and gives ourself a break to start anew / fresh. We are creatures of habit often times. However, we have the power to make minute adjustments; whether it’s taking a different route to work driving or walking, eating lunch in a new spot each day, placing something in our office so that our spirit feels uplifted whether a card or a flower or …. In this season of life right now I alternate between two gyms daily and would be happy if a group practice with other yogis occurred more than it does, yet I go with the flow of my work schedule.

    Someone I know was feeling melancholy about their health issue (the same one that I have), yet our perspectives were polar opposites. I do not accept defeat. I have the power to ….. well, do whatever I want and I do. Plus, I have fun everyday. Yes, each and every day. I love life and I love myself. I am happy.

    Also, I feel that we must help ourselves first before we can help others, with the caveat that helping someone may bring personal joy to both the giver and the recipient, in addition to establishing healthy boundaries.

    I am delighted to hear that in making a positive difference to many today, that you’ve also brought yourself personal joy uplifting your spirit. Nice!! Very nice!

    Again, I find this interesting that you are saying things and I am feeling quite the opposite. It’s healing for me to read your thoughts and share mine. Last year I went away 7 consecutive months with a friend! It was a blast; I didn’t need to, we just did. This is a completely new and different year. I took a long weekend to Florida in February because I wanted to try the new airline with direct, inexpensive flights and just came back from Ohio (where my son Jon Paul lives) and enjoyed a frozen Lake Erie. It was a new experience for me and I so enjoyed it on an unexpected different level. I thought that I would be alone since it was a weekday. Not so, there were probably 10 cars in the lot. I enjoyed my walk immensely. Yet, I don’t feel compelled to go anywhere right now. I don’t need to go anywhere. Why? IDK. Today, someone at the gym asked my travel plans for 2015. I’ve received an invitation to go to Florida June/July; however, I’m certain I can simply enjoy myself right here at home. Will I go, well, time will tell.

    Thank you for connecting with me today and celebrating the opportunity to share and receive the multitude of blessings and miracles of life!

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