Gratitude…….is it really possible to live in our Hearts all the time?

So…. I awoke this morning to a beautiful Sunday – the sunshine streaming thru the open windows in our bedroom….hard to believe it’s Nov 8th and the temperatures here in the Northeast are still seasonally warm, we are over 50 degrees again today & just wrapped up a week of temps in the 70’s/ kind of hard to believe Santa will be on his way in just a few weeks…… – its a great day to WANT to be outside and go for a run, &  rake leaves/ & pick up the rest of the acorns.  I love how it smells outside now.  I love the subtle nuances that come with the change of seasons.  I was walking Mr. Bingsley early one morning this week before 7 am after coming back from the gym.  <<Many of you know from my Facebook posts that I am 19 weeks into THE MAX gym and have transformed my body/mind and spirit with nutritional whole foods and daily exercise at 5:15 am every day>>. While walking – I was missing Kelsea and remembering how I always showed her nature, and told her to seek out the little things that God created for us to enjoy.  I used to encourage her to shuffle her feet thru the leaves on the sidewalk to hear the sounds and feel the crunching under her feet.  I wanted to slow her down and help her catch the scent of leaves going to mulch – so that I, too, could slow down and embrace her youth and realize she would not always be doing this kind of thing wit me.  All I know is…. I found a leaf – a simple single beautiful Maple leaf….. and just pondered the changing of my seasons at 51, and the majesty of my life by comtemplating all of it’s myriad of colors – and thought about the fact that life changes – all around us – all the time – and we change with it……if we allow ourselves the time and patience to slow down long enough to be grateful.  Rushed by calendar appointments and family get togethers and job commitments can be enough to shroud the ability for us to hear our inner voices.  Constantly bombarded with cell phones and devices for instantaneous connections with Facebook, and SnapChat and Instagram and Twitter, etc. let alone texts and emails…..need I embellish?….How can we possibly be grateful when all we see second by second is the awesome life that everyone else is living?….the ones we watch passively from our phones…while we sit and stare.  If we aren’t doing our own thing and making our own memories…we are missing out on life… is passing us by as we sedentarily sit and develop FOMO because of YOLO!!!  My prayer for us today is that we pick up a pen and actually write a thank you note or two to people who mean something to us.  That we pick up the phone and connect voice to voice.  That we meet for coffee and look into one anothers eyes and gaze into the soul of another human being.  We weren’t meant for high tech lives, we were meant for high tough lives.  I know that I am writing this in a format that opposes what I want for myself but to express myself I have to put it into words.  Speaking of words…there are millions of books to read, places to travel in your mind…how about picking up a book to read….and filling your mind with a new vocabulary….we have so much…..but it is becoming increasingly difficult to practice simplicity because of our choices.  I don’t know about you, but I am relishing my time off today and plan to just ‘be’ – heading up to Long Valley NJ to a farm to tour how they care for their goat flock and make goat cheese with John……just to be in nature and see how someone uses their hands and talents and gifts from God to make food for me to enjoy.  Wishing you time….all the time you need to find gratitude in your life today and in your day to day.  Can we keep living from our hearts daily?  Is it possible to live in Gratitude constantly?  Is it possible to just be so full of love that nothing else matters? Can we lose the skepticism, the anger, the affronts, the narcissist pessimistic personalities – can we embrace Thanksgiving and what the month of November stands for?  Idk – I pray I can and I pray we can…..grateful for those of you who took the time to read my blog – as you know….I would love to have the conversation with you – face to face!!


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