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Findings from a G.U.T.S. Course - to discover and reveal my Head, Heart, Hands, Haven, and Health

The Carriage House that sits behind my home was a spiritual place I was instantly drawn to and fell in love with the moment I learned of it’s existence.  In 1994, John and I were home-hunting and honest to God, this is the first house, on the first street, in this town that I came across with a girlfriend as we were driving around in the rain and I knew I had found our home.  We had a 10 month old baby daughter named Kelsea (which means “from the ship island“)   Kelsea was created on Nantucket, where John and I were married, and is the BEST gift I have ever been given in my life.  Because I loved her more than money, once she was born, God laid it upon my heart to be a stay-at-home-mom and to sunset my phenomenal career and learn to depend upon my husband.  (BIG STUFF for a girl who swore she would NEVER depend on anyone) 

Upon contemplating buying this home, (which ironicallhy IS our first and  ONLY house we have ever owned) this affair of the heart, to create works of  art swelled up within me and kept revealing itself and showing up in all the decisions I had begun to make about my future.  Creativity is something that has been inside of me, for as long as I can remember.  Once we purchased our home,  I soon discovered a lot about the Carriage House.  I learned  that this out-building,  was first built in 1903 for Dr. Stillwell, the first physician in the town of Nutley, and was a place  to board his horses, equipment, and carriages.  Lucky for me a lot of the original structure, boards and ‘feel’ still exist.  The second floor of this amazing Carriage House is an unfinished barn, with exposed wood, original wide plank pine floors and lots of nooks and crannies.  It came with running water, a pot-bellied wood burning stove, electricity, roughed-in plumbing and newly added modernized wooden windows.    I had learned from neighbors and the previous owners that it had been a stow-away weekend loft to many Audoban Magazine illustrators and watercolorists who made their weekend mecca’s out of New York City to the little town of Nutley to escape the concrete jungle.  The train station dropped them off in Lambert Square and they walked to my Carriage House.  How cool is that?

As soon as we moved in, my visions and dreams kept moving out back.  I spent so much time (while working full time in pediatric pharmaceutical sales) dreaming about how I could retire and stay home to raise Kelsea, and was convicted about being a working mom.  I wanted to garden, and I wanted to go for walks in the parks, I wanted to make cards, and photo albums and practice the art of Calligraphy.  I wanted out of the rat race of life that I had created for myself and wanted to try my hand at being a Sunday School teacher, a girl scout leader, a class mom and whatever blessings that would pop up along the way that I would otherewise have not been able to participate in because of the demands of a fast-paced rigorous job, that competed with my husbands career and kept me away from the things I loved the most, my HOME (Haven), my HEART ( Kelsea), my HANDS (the ability to create), my HEALTH (the ability to exercise and eat well and prepare healthy meals and grocery shop with out the stress of rushing through the store, and my HEAD.  Oh, my HEAD – the thinking made my brain ache! 

The hardest part was not leaving my career of 12 years, it was where to start my new life and  what I would ‘call’ the Carriage House space?  Would it be the Quilting Cottage, would it be the KraftRoom, and a million other ideas until one day I dreamed of my name and  finally settled on:  Viktoria’s Kreations & Kalligraphy. 

Well THAT was 17 years ago, and  Kelsea is about to enter her senior year of high school, and I continue to work thru the passages of Parenting and have been able to achieve most of my dreams (thus far) and spent many days, and hours in the Carriage House, creating, laughing, crying and sharing with Kelsea (lucky me) and  hundreds of women.  What a blessing!!

Chickchatfromthecarriagehouse is an off – shoot of a newsletter I used to write throughout the 90’s for my Creative Memories Customers.  It was quite old-fashioned, contained clip-art and was photo-copied, and then snail-mailed.  Do you remember those days?  I joyfully scribed a newsy chit-chatty venue for memory keepers to remember, connect and celebrate life with each other.  The primary thought behind the newsletter was to talk about ways to preserve the past, enrich the present and inspire hope for the future.  A lot of the ideas stemmed from my quote collections, my journals, my love of watercolors, my doodles and doo-dads I savored and the joy that writing these pages in Calligraphy (in different color inks and nibs) does wonders for my soul.

After many years on the journey, and learning about ‘social media’ and blogging and having a dream to write an inspirational book some day – many girlfriends kept encouraging me to start my own blog.  I hesitated and kept the dream alive by always saying I would get to it some day.  Well, some day is here.

I hope you enjoy my daily chick-chat and that your heart is touched and your soul is moved when I bare myself on each little page.  They are never meant to be preachy and most of the ideas come from lessons that I have learned and have decided to be brave enough to write about.  They  are simply insights and inspirations, my hopes and dreams and some reveal fears that I have learned to  personally  conquer and overcome or messagese that have been brought to me by connecting with other messengers, sages, teachers, and like-minded spirits.

From time to time, they will be thought provoking, and a little deep.  They may contain advice, or they may just be dreams or wisdom from ancient of days.  Reading exposes me to a lot of avenues to learn.  Creating with my hands releases joy and writing about my experiences validates ‘who’ I am, ‘what’ I am, ‘why’ I am, and encourages me to find the desire  to continue to live life intentionally, truthfully, authentically, with an abundance of  love and understanding for others.

Through this blog space, my dream of writing my very first book is coming true as is the venue of working to become a dynamic motivational speaker and life coach.  It’s all so wonderful and I get GOD-bumps sharing with you!

Enjoy the journey with me and I would be most grateful and honored for your feedback. 

Remembering, Connecting and Celebrating Life with each of you,



2 thoughts on “About chickchatfromthecarriagehouse

  1. You have so many awesome gifts to share my beautiful friend! I was so very touched by your post, and look forward to sharing your journey! Much love. ❤

  2. Ahh SpiritedDragonfly11! I was scanning through your eloquently spoken posts from the heart and your words of “depend on my husband” pierced my heart. Once upon a time I can vividly recall stating to myself, ” I will never depend on a man”. Now I wonder if I imprisoned myself to not depend on a husband financially and or emotionally? Hmm, time has erased the clarity yet my wish came true! Some wish hahaha. I now see the wisdom of setting my future from these stinking thoughts of 30+ years ago. Geez my mind followed instructions well. I had this revelation just recently and reading your post reinforced the truth; i.e. What I wanted to believe is no longer what I CHOOSE to believe. I get to CHOOSE my thoughts. I get to choose living from my heart instead of my head. How freeing to see and know that I could walk out of the prison of my thoughts by simply shifting the direction of my thoughts once brought to consciousness.

    Perhaps I am viewing myself from a more compassionate perspective and others as well, whether strangers or acquaintances. I am breathing more easily, freely, and fully as I become more attuned and present with myself. What a splendid gift is life! Getting to choose, experiment, experience, discover, and explore each moment I remain on this physical earth!

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