Fleeing from being a ‘Freedom Hedger’

Fleeing to Freedom

The definition of a ‘hedge’ according to my handy dandy American Heritage dictionary is to ‘enclose or bound with’ – I was thinking today about boundaries and how Imperative Thinking has paralyzed me in many personal relationships.  I was pondering how to flee from my own inability to let go of control and realized (had an awareness) that the more meaningful something or someone is to me, that is the area where I am tempted most at hedging on freedom.  Pause for a moment and reflect upon that~

First and foremost on my mind, I thought of marriage.   I thought of my initial views and immature beliefs about getting married versus where I am at today, 18 years after saying ‘I Do’ – I definately started out with a Cinderella Complex and believed in the fairy-tale of falling in love, getting married, purchasing our first home and starting a family.    For me, it was ALL about the wedding and I soon learned that the wedding day was symbolic of a choice,  as I believe most of us do, and represented the ‘least amount of work’ versus being married and building upon a commitment.   Most people tend to get married with the unrealistic expectation that their union will be the core of their present felicitous life and a basis for their future happiness.  Most couples end up trying to force their partner into a pattern of choices that reflect selfish thoughts and needs.  Many husbands and wives make their spouse out to be their “Jesus” ~ expecting them to fill the voids, to be the answer to all of their questions, to be their other half, or as has been said in the movies….to complete them.  The freedom and success in a marriage comes when we aren’t fearful of losing our own happiness when we live out our own lives first, and then seek first to understand our partner,  before being understood ourselves.    When I look at the qualities of people in successful long-term relationships (marriages) that have stood the test of time, I  come to the insightful and precious realization that no one was controlling, and there were no hedges surrounding them.

Expectations are wonderful, but can be so unrealistic.   One of the best gifts ever given to me came from the result of being in a loving marriage- and that was the creation of  our child.   As I was taking my walk this evening, my thoughts turned to my 17 year old daughter.  I began to muse about the high expectations I set for her and questioned whether or not that had to do with the fact that I wanted to be deemed as a successful parent?? I asked myself  to consider if  the demands I have made on her surrounding very specific behaviors and attitudes since she was old enough to understand, had more to do with me, than with her?  I always believed that I have let her have choices, but when it comes right down to it, the choices were more to do with the plans I had for her, versus the plans she has for herself.  This realization in my thinking has brought me to the place where I can say my actions caused a lot of power struggles.  What must have been behind my fears was my overwhelming desire for her to succeed.  I took control and my imperative, controlling approach to this style of living has only served to make things worse.   But now I know better, and we cannot know, until we know.

Controlling breeds contempt and frustration.  Both have been alive and well in my spirit and in our home.  Sometimes our best intentions cause us to turn to coercion amongst our spouses and children, which demeans their human dignity.  I now understand why I have been so frustrated. 

In Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, the definition of freedom states:

1b.  the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action;

1e.  the quality of being frank, open, or outspoken.

To be free from Imperative Thinking and to stop planting hedges around myself and others is to realize that liberation lies in the process of making choicesWe all have choices.   Choices, good and bad, have consequences.   I can choose to continue to be an Imperative Thinker, or I can choose to be liberated and flee from the boundaries that hold me back.  This freedom to enjoy my closest and personal relationships is worth it, because there is no greater gift than to evolve into a lovely, LOVING human being – not a lovely human doing.  Doing controlling behaviors surely repels us from one another.  It allows us to allow others to be who they are and we become accepting.  What a privilege it is to understand this for myself, and be able to offer it to others.

I have learned that freedom is not just for relationships between people – but is important for ME!  Inwardly generated freedom allows me to respond to people and circumstances appropriately, genuinely and openly.  This is MY choice.  And today, it is what I yearn to embrace, and submit to becoming better at. Submission – now, heck, there is a choice!   For, again, to reiterate,  there are always choices and consequences, but when I allow freedom to guide my thoughts for myself and for others, I will always have options.  Options are good and they provide us with an opportunity to be influential, rather than a Freedom Hedger.

So, today, is it possible that you, too,  need to trim your hedges?  Cut them back or dig them up? Or maybe prune them into a beautiful topiary that others can enjoy- who knows what your mind can conceive when you are fleeing control- The first step is to just become aware, then willing, and then find the courage to let go.  I would love to know ‘how’ your pruning goes……


The calm before the storm…and musings about peacefulness~

Growing up on a really big lake in Northern NJ, the summertime was filled with late afternoon thunderstorms, where the water would become almost still and turn greenish-brown, and there would suddenly be no current, no breeze…………..and the air became full of a thick humidity and the skies would deepen and darken to the point where it felt like night time was upon us.    We lived in a cove surrounded on one side by a mountain (behind our house) and across the lake were homes that mirrored ours.   Mom used to let my sisters and I stay out on the dock until the first sounds of thunder.   Then we had to come inside – to safety- My mom used to tell us (so we wouldn’t be scared – that when it thundered, the Angels were bowling)   

That rumbling sound in my mind is so memorable.   It was an altered state of time.  It was the calm before the storm that lulled me, and it was truly so peaceful.  I would wait with anticipation with my two little sisters for the big rain drops to begin to fall and for the wind to pick up and finally start blowing.  We’d notice that the leaves on the trees would turn backwards and their undersides where a lighter/paler shade of green, in response to the song of the storm.   As soon as the rain started and everything was eerily picking up the tempo of a good, late afternoon storm, mom would call us inside one more time, and we’d scurry to the third floor of our lake house to our parent’s bedroom and we’d pull back the sheers and push aside the curtains and sit  quietly in front of the big picture window and watch the show. 

Often the rain would come down hard and it would pour for what seemed like hours…..the first thing that happened was you got a big whiff of that fresh-rained-on-rock-smell (one of my favorite scents to this day) and you waited with anticipation for the thunder to roar and the lightening to clap.  Sometimes the rain moved in sheets and appeared to be coming down sideways. I loved to stare at the lake and watch the rain land upon it’s surface, thousands of ripples bumping into one another, the sound was unique and mesmerizing.  It was like meditation in motion.  You were soothed both visually and auditorily.

I am still amazed at, and love nothing better than to be woken up in the wee hours of the morning –  to the symphony of nature rumbling through our town, shaking our house, and still love to watch the lightening flood our home – to this day.

Mom also taught us that once you heard the thunder, you’d count 1-one thousand, 2-one thousand, 3-one thousand until you saw the lightening – and that was how many miles away the storm was.  Or was it the other way around?  You saw lightening and then counted until you heard the thunder – I can’t remember, but we had such fun figuring that out.

We would often put on our cotton baby doll pajamas in the early afternoon and mom would sprinkle us all with Johnson’s baby powder for in the late 60’s and early 70’s, we didn’t have air conditioning, we had old-fashioned window fans, and I shared a small 10×10 foot bedroom in this converted summer bungalow with 2 sisters, 3 twin beds and one closet. This house also had just one bathroom.  How did we do that? Somehow we did.  We took turns and were grateful for food on our table, clothes to wear, most of which mom sewed and to be a family.  We never went on vacations or to the ocean except for day trips because mom and dad said we didn’t need to go anywhere, we had a vacation every single day. 

The most beautiful part of the story is that we truly had all we needed.  We had a home, on the biggest lake in New Jersey, we had a sailboat, a row boat, canoes, paddleboats and a myriad of powerboats.  Most of these ‘toys’ were given to us, from people who paid by dad and  thanked him  for some favor or laborious side job he did and all were all fixer-uppers – it didn’t matter!  We were pretty much on vacation for most of childhoods.  I didn’t realized how wonderful it was and how simple it was to float on donated black rubber airplane inner tubes that dad brought home from work until I grew up and moved away.  The horse flies LOVED to attack us when we were in those tubes.  That is a memory I would like to forget, they stung!!

I miss the peace and like to muse about the quiet before a storm.  As children we had time to listen to nature, we didn’t miss the scents and the sights and we appreciated the simple gifts God gave us.  Time, nature, a mom and dad, siblings to play with, and summer friends who came from long island and the city to live in their cottages and play with us.  I miss the peace and solitude of the water lapping the rocks along the edge of the cove and the sound of the ducks quacking in the morning at sunrise.  I miss early morning swims when the air was chillier than the water and the mist rose from it’s surface as I sliced thru the current-less laps.  I miss the runs around the 3 mile cove, the sound of my own breathing as I was surrounded by nothing more than water, and a sense of peace.

Each day as we go through the storms of life, I pray we seek to find comfort in the quiet, and that we know the calm before the storm is given to us as a gift, to contemplate the strength, the majesty and the wonder of a world that exists for us to learn from and enjoy.  In that moment in time, before the heaven’s open and the rain pours down to cleanse and nourish the land, we, too, can be baptized in the richness and purity of a thunderstorm.

What storms are you encountering?  Can you find the calm?

Soul Surfing and Sunflowers…………..

It’s a rainy Monday here in NJ and to celebrate the rain, I started the day off with Karen Carpenter singing to me one of her famous hits: Rainy Days and Mondays….what a dreary song from a soul-searcher who never really ‘got’ how much she was loved and cherished, for whatever haunted her, it is undeniably heard throughout her entire catalog of music.  I have always admired her unique quality and often tried to imitate her, in song, but not in Spirit.  I always felt so bad for her, and when she passed away from the complications of anorexia, my own heart broke, and I realized another spirit left Earth that never quite found her way.  That is what today is about…finding my way…..

In front of me on the kitchen table, (from where I am writing today) sits a beautiful vase filled with a dozen of the happiest Sunflowers I have ever seen.  I have a neighbor across the driveway who insists on giving ‘me’ a gift whenever I give ‘her’ a gift, because she isn’t  good at being a thank-you-note-kinda-gal. She shared with me that she buys stationery, thinks the thoughts, but can’t find the time or energy or wisdom to write the note. I giggled, as I am completely the opposite!  I love to write! The flowers were for two little digital photo albums I had created for her from my Creative Memories Carriage House business – little Storybooks for her daughter and neice in honor of their First Holy Communions.  It was truly a work of heart, and took me forever to create, for being a Protestant, I had NO idea about ‘what’ was involved in the day, and I must say, I almost became a Catholic by the time I was done googling the Hail Mary, and all the prayers and rites, rituals and passages  that go along with a First Communion.  I testify that – they loved the books – so my neighbor thanked me with a bouquet of Sunflowers.  So- it may be raining outside, but in my baby-chick-yellow-painted kitchen they beckon at me from their sturdy stems and make me smile!  The beauty of this life lesson is that in the past I have not been a good receiver of compliments and always countered the gesture with a negative, or a down-playing of what I had done, which I learned leaves the person who shares this gift of gratefulness with you, with a feeling of uncertainty.  When another soul takes the time and verbally tells us they love something about us, or love what we’ve done, or made (created) our role is to say thank-you and endear their spirit (and our own soul)  by saying out-loud, “Thank you so much for noticing that about me, I love that about me, too. ”  Awkward – but so rewarding.  The more I practice this graciousness, the more I notice as I look into the eyes of the giver that they feel gratified and the circle is completed.  You validate your own soul in receiving the gift and validate the giver for presenting you with the opportunity to love yourself.  Loving myself is what this whole chickchatfromthecarriagehouse journey is all about.  It’s not been easy to do, and I struggle with it every single day…. 

Soul surfing is something that I have been practicing for years.  Unfortunately, I am still paddling out to the break zone and getting pounded by the waves.  This past Saturday morning, my husband and daughter and I sat down for a cup of coffee and watched the movie:  Soul Surfer.  So much about that movie resonated with me.  Quite literally, I asked myself, “would it take getting my arm bit off by a shark to finally realize that I, too, can do ALL things thru Him who strengthens me?  How much more of the Bible do I have to read before I get the message?  How many more self-help books do I have to pour over before the words become reality in my day to day?  How many mentors, messengers, moments have to occur before the knowing become owning?  How much more misery must I go thru before it becomes someone else’s ministry?  I do not know.  But I am ready to duck-dive, and I have 2 hands and 2 arms and 2 elbows to be able to do that to come up on the other side of the waves…..and wait.   I can wait in between the ‘big ones’ and feel the ‘water’ and utilize my sixth sense for the ‘right’ moment to take the wave in, not any wave, but the perfect wave.  For God, knows.  It is about HIS timing and not mine.  I may not be able to stand on the board, but I can try.  And I will.

What are you soul surfing for?

Rinsed Twice, Rained on and weeding through an Imperative Person’s Garden…

It’s hard to write a blog from a blackberry.  It’s even harder to write a blog when your computer finally decides that it’s time to retire after it did you an impeccable and good service for the last 10 years. That is why I haven’t written in the last few days. 

I also realized that I needed to do some introspective inventory surrounding one of my areas of vulnerability:  CONTROL  This soul-searching has been incredibly eye-opening and I discovered that I had yet another tear to cry – the tears of an Imperative Personality, and the realization that it’s been ruining my life, my relationships and making me very difficult to live with.


Oh, how the truth hurts!  Most especially when we have it brought to us by the ones we love and hold dearest, our children and our spouse.

I have mentioned before that I have participated in at G.U.T.S retreat with Reggie Adams of Rockin Reggie’s Academy last Fall.  Each month we have a GUTS conference call and the last 3 have miraculously been about vulnerability.  On this last discussion, we were asked to verbalize our biggest area where we felt most vulnerable and when it was my turn to speak, I shared that I believed mine to be CONTROL.  Good job, Vicki.  Put it out there – tell the universe that you are struggling with CONTROL and what do you think the world gave me opportunity to work on the next day and every single waking moment since it came out of my mouth:  My Imperative thinking and my need to control – EVERYTHING!

My last blog was about Emotional Cleansing and since that post, I can tell you that I have been weeding a lot through my Imperative Personality.

I didn’t even realize I was an Imperative Person until I was called on it by my daughter.  My critical nature and my judge-mentalitly have all been MY WAY of controlling my world.  Another awareness.  Another need to seek willingness and find the courage to change.  It’s such a mess, this garden of my mind.  I have been spending a lot of time disconnected from my heart and from the freedom that comes when we weed.  Hypothetically speaking, my weeds were getting to me….and they were getting to my daughter and choking out my relationship with her and others.  I knew after the last blog that I needed to pull out the hand mirror once more and take a good, long look at ME.  Change always starts with me and I realized that this CONTROL issue keeps coming up – it’s a message that shows up regularly.  Honesty with ourselves involves authenticity of the human spirit that occurs when your integrity bares itself to God – for HE knows the truth and when the truth is set upon your minds eye, and you can SEE it,  the soul cannot help but to peel open the wounds of the past and work towards peace and tranquility and freedom from the traits that are most likely your greatest strengths, but somehow become your greatest weaknesses

CONTROL is really a myth.  None of us really has control over ourselves and most certainly not over other human beings.  The letting go of CONTROL allows the anger to subside, and a freedom to bloom.  When the weeds are removed, the sunlight can filter in, the water can rinse the plants and the flowers can grow and blossom. 

To that end, I am doing my heart-work and continuing to read a great book about Imperativeness by Dr. Les Carter of the Minirth-Meier Clinic called:  Imperative People – Those who must me in Control (How to keep your greatest strength from becoming your greatest weakness)

On page 129 – Dr. Carter shares the following:

“When people live day in and day out behind someone else’s fence of regulations, they eventually look for the escape hatch.  Those who get out are often rebellious.  Those who remain trapped can become bitter or depressed.  ……No one likes to be fenced in.  Sooner or later, they’ll begin looking for the gate to freedom.”


Honoring Emotional Cleansing…is it time for a rinsing?

Today, I write about Honoring Emotional Cleansing.  There is so much beneath that statement and what it truly means to me……..

Having my blog for about ten days has been such a blessing.  I have to admit, though, that in my personal life,  all that I write is not a direct reflection as to what is really happening to me throughout this transformation.   I am emotional a roller-coaster. I awoke today to experience a family disagreement between my husband and daughter and I that escalated to a screaming match.  It started because I felt that my daugther hadn’t kept her promises to me and that I believed my husband didn’t agree with the boundaries I had set.  It doesn’t really matter, because what ensued next went spiralled out of control and left me drained.  Unrealistic expectations, unresolved anger, repressed rage, misunderstandings, accusations, denial, all spewed from my mouth and were mirrored back at me from my daughter’s mouth.  I lost control, so she lost control.  I beieve deep down inside that this whole issue is truly about CONTROL – my area in which I am most vulnerable.  I yelled, so she yelled louder.  My husband just sat there and observed.  He later told me he didn’t know if he should have exploded or if he should have wept.  (Unbelievable)  How can you know inside what is truth, and strive to live it every day and then have your family members tell you that you haven’t changed, that you’ve ruined their life,  and that you transfer all of your anger onto them, and that you’re approach is always wrong?.  How do you take back words?  How do you live the change?   How do you BE the change?  Does anyone out there have this all figured out yet? 

 I wish it was as easy as taking my dirty car through the car wash.  I almost feel like a hypocrite for writing my blogs.  I mean, how could all this insight and knowledge that I share here, not be noticed or embraced by my own husband and daughter?  My family and my extended family? My friends?   As I type each blog, I feel so alive, so aware,  encouraged and happy and secure in the emotional cleansing – owning  that I am wiping away the insecurities, the low self-esteem, the perfectionism.  I am distancing myself from being a ‘victim’ and am constantly erasing the pain and memories from the myriad of incidences that have affected my entire life – and brought me to who I am , and what I am – at this moment in time – from the sexual abuse by my maternal grandfather, that  I endured and overcame as a young woman,  the alcoholism from both my maternal and paternal grandfathers, the physical and emotional and fear of abandonement issues surrounding my own dad due to his drinking and outburst of rage,  the food and the over-weight issues, the control issues, the money issues, the passive-aggressive nature of my own mom, and all of the ‘stuff’ that goes on between mothers and daughters, the yelling, the recurrent screaming matches between me and my own parents, everything.  The last thing my daughter said to me today was ‘bye’ and as she left her final text message – she wrote that our family is ‘sick’ and she is distancing herself from all of us and that she can’t wait to go to college, I remembered saying ALL of the same things to my own parents – How does history keep repeating itself?   How do I honor myself emotionally on the inside, but the outside is still laden with all the crap from years of struggle? 

How do I really embrace Radical Forgiveness when I am surrounded by people who can’t?  Or who won’t?  How do I honor my own emotional cleansing when the crud is caked on so thick it feels like it cannot be washed  off?

How do we, as emotional souls, repel the people we want the closest to us?  How do we push people away when all we want to do is reach out and hold them and hug them?  Why do we not get the underlying message, that keeps revealing itself to us over and over and over?

Today I humble myself and write my summary from a place of personal exhaustion.  From a place of  failure, fearful worry, and  from a place of heightened awareness that knowing what I should say or do, is different than living it and owning it.  WE all make mistakes.  ALL I  seek is to grow on this journey – to love and be loved.   I pray for peace, for getting rid of my combat boots, for removing the cloak of despair, for changing my attitude to gratitude and for the gift of forgiveness.  I, too, am broken.  For that, I weep.  I am so sad.  At different points in time, WE all are.  The only answer is Divine Truth and Divine intervention and Radical Forgiveness, and if anyone reading and blogging today has some inspirational words of encouragment, I would be blessed if you shared it with me.

Introducing Mr. Bingsley, my best friend!

Five pounds of sheer sexiness~

I will not look at the camera because you want me toToday, I thought it would be fun to introduce you all to Mister Bingsely, my five year old Yorkshire Terrier. He came into our lives about five years after we lost our first Yorkie, Nollaigin and it was love at first sight. This little guy has such a BIG personality and is spunky, and quite the licker! He loves to go for long rides in the car where he lazily lounges on our laps and he enjoys quiet time in the Carriage House where he hangs out in his own little wicker bed. I used to feel lonely out back when I was creating, but now I have this little guy to keep me company and he is with me all the time. I seriously do talk to him, when I am working and we've made up a special voice for him, so he sort of talks back (thru us) of course!For those of you who know what it is like to be attached to a little dog, you'll understand. For those of you you don't, it will be hard for you to understand this love affair.There is a funny story about 'how' Mister Bingsley got his name, I am an avid read of Historical Fiction, and have always loved the book: Pride and Prejudice - well, the LOVE interest in the book was named Mr. Bingley- don't know how I missed the fact that there was no 's' in the name, so basically his name means nothing and everyone busts me about it. I love you mommy!

So, today is a short and sweet post, I just wanted you to all meet the other guy in my life.  The one who is always happy to see me, always happy to go for a walk, sleeps with John and I ( we often feel like we are sleeping with a squirrel ) and just brings me/us so much happiness and joy.  I will admit that we broke all of the ‘dog’ rules with him, I like to feed him from the table, let him eat human food, and he loves when I chop red peppers, I think the dog would like to be a vegetarian.  

We had bought the dog as a surprise present for our daughter, Kelsea, who at the time was 12 years old and swore up and down the day she rec’d him that she would groom him regularly, walk him ALL THE TIME, feed him and all I can say is this, if the dog was truly hers (and not mom and dad’s) he would be on a catheter and a feeding tube!

WE all fight over who gets to hold him and we steal him from each other when the one who took him to bed first falls asleep, it’s fun!  (Kelsea isn’t laughing)

John likes to do funny things with the dog.  For some reason, his tongue gets stuck out of his mouth when he falls asleep  (a lot) and we have coined the term :  ‘dead-dog-tongue’.  It gets cold and hard as a rock and stuck and he sleeps this way.  Here are a few shots of him after he just woke up…..

Half awake, half asleep-

Why am I up on the kitchen counter - because i am soooooo cute!

Well, as you can see, I would have failed the Woodward method of dog training, for this guy is the boss of me.
I love him so much and you can’t tell me that dogs and animals don’t have feelings (anthropomorphism) because I just can’t believe that Mister Bingsely doesn’t love me as much as I love him!
Can you?


Radical Forgiveness…I am finding PEACE in every situation

An excerpt from the NEW JERSEY Quilt Guild

Fluttering by for Forgiveness - Dragonflies

Recently during a facial at Massage Envy, I was introduced to an amazing healer named Sandy.  What started out as a much needed, un-clogging of the pores, wound up being a transcendent  un-clogging of my chakras, my spirit with a sincere validation of my own energies to heal myself (and others),  and to exercise SILENCE, (this was my time for solitude and reflection) For those of you who know, me, imagine my horror and dismay that I was going to STOP TALKING)  This was my message and I was told that this was to be my year of transformation.  Sandy didn’t even have to say much to me, she just ‘knew’ me.  We connected on a level that led to a conversation about Radical Forgiveness.  She recommended that I read a book out there written by Colin Tipping who through his gift of prose, I give all the credit to for allowing me to revolutionize my thinking around healing relationships, letting go of anger and blame (BIG ONE) and to Find Peace in any situation.  I attribute Colin Tipping with my new way of forgiving…..and am most humbled and grateful……

The BIG aha, lightbulb moment for me as I devoured the pages of his amazing book is that ‘things are not always what they seem’  What appears to us to be nasty and cruel behavior on somebody’s part might be EXACTLY what we NEED to CHANGE and what WE have indeed called forth.  WHAT?   I asked for this abuse?  Come on I thought, WHY would I call  this uncomfortableness into my life?  He teaches that,  situations that appear to be the worst thing that could possibly befall us HOLD THE KEY TO OUR HEALING SOMETHING DEEP WITHIN US THAT KEEPS US FROM BEING HAPPY AND PREVENTS OUR GROWTH!   What did he say?  Did I read that correctly?  Oh man!!!

Colin Tipping goes on to share that “the people who seem to us to be the most troublesome and the least likable may therefore be OUR GREATEST TEACHERS. What we think they do TO US, they actually do FOR US.”  I just about fell out of my chair, and dropped the book in my lap and took the deepest breath of truth – I had ever experienced.  I mean, many Yoga teachers told me of this notion, that when something resonates with you and it’s your truth, you take this deep breath of honesty and awareness.  I was so enlightened at this moment, that I knew I was on a path to something wonderful.

Tipping teaches us that beneath every apparent circumstance of every situation exists a wholly (I like to say HOLY) different reality.  On the surface is the ‘drama’ of what is actually happening, it isn’t pretty, it feels cruel and feels to us as if it’s insensitive and we fall into the role of victim.  How EASY WE FALL…….  it’s at this point that our soul begins to dance with the souls of others and where we can actually benefit if we stop, breathe and shift our perspective to the possibility that this is NOT about TRADITIONAL forgiveness that takes into account our 5 senses where we feel wronged and badly treated and that if we forgive, we just accept what was done and try our best to let it go or ‘let bygones be bygones.  ‘Traditional forgiveness naturally takes it as a given that something wrong happened.’  RADICAL FORGIVENESS, ON THE OTHER HAND, TAKES THE POSITION THAT NOTHING WRONG HAPPENED AND THAT, CONSEQUENTLY, THERE IS NOTHING TO FORGIVE.

Colin puts it simply like this:  With traditional forgiveness, the willingness to forgive is present but so is the residual need to condemn.  Therefore victim consciousness is maintained and nothing changes.

With Radical Forgiveness, the willingness to forgive is present, but NOT THE NEED TO CONDEMN.  Therefore victim consciousness is dropped and EVERYTHING CHANGES.  (Victim consciousness is defined as the conviction that someone else has done something bad to you, and, as a direct result, they are responsible for the lack of peace and happiness in your life.)

I don’t know about you, but for me this is HUGE!   What a difference in ‘thinking’ and what a difference this has on my spirit and how I sort for things every single day.

I learned that TRADITIONAL FORGIVENESS  is firmly rooted in our physical world and in the reality of most human beings.  It calls each of us to utilize our finest of human qualities and characteristics, like compassion, mercy, tolerance, humility, kindness and grace.  Once you move to RADICAL FORGIVENESS, you call upon DIVINE TRUTH, you vibrate at a higher level of energy, your body becomes lighter and you become NOT a spirit seeking to have a human experience, but a human seeking to have an awakened soul and you can remember once more the truth of WHO YOU ARE…..peace and love and salt and light to a world of people who are lost, haven’t found divine intervention and who stay stifled in mental midgetry and continue to suffer, over and over and over and become Emotional Vampires.  Most of us need a transfusion almost every single day from these unenlightened saddened victims.

Deep stuff today, I know.  But if you take time to sit with this and meditate on it and begin to own it, I believe that the world we live in would be such a better space.  Imagine no more victims???

So, can you seek to learn Radical Forgiveness or will you stay stuck in Traditional Forgiveness that holds you prisoner, that holds you back? For me, I am seeking the path of the Peaceful Warrior.  My thoughts today for myself and for each of you is to return to your pew, your yoga mat, your alter, your space of peace and get into meditation, prayer, yoga, breath work, dancing and whatever makes your heart and soul leap for joy.  Allow yourself to ‘vibrate’ and cause others to wonder, what is she on?  I want some of that for me….

Share with me your path of forgiveness, Namaste!