An Oak tree or a blade of grass… which one are you?

It has been said that the mighty oak tree has roots strong enough to withstand winds up to 100 miles an hour.  It’s roots reach deep down into the earth and spread out under the soil, anchoring it’s mighty fortress to the earth. Eventually, the most deeply rooted tree will  crack in the face of a storm, whereas,  in those same winds, a seemingly fragile blade of grass will simply bend and survive.

What keeps ME rooted?  Am I an oak tree that will eventually snap for trying to be strong and hold on to all the universal ‘truths’ that I have been taught to believe…….. or will I focus on my personal truth, which forms my perspective on life, gives me a new outlook  and allow myself to bend, like the blade of grass in a hurricane?

The storms can be all around us, and they can be within us.  When we understand and accept OUR truth, we can truly shift and recognize our answers which lie within us.  As we learn to bend and become flexible, we strive to discover our own natural ability to know.  The winds of information all around  will quiet down and what we need for our lives will emerge. 

Whether you find ‘peace in prayer’ on a yoga mat, in a pew at church, while hiking thru the woods, sitting in the presence of a sunrise or sunset, atop a mountain, or in the quiet of your home – you will blossom.  The pursuit of truthfullness is the oldest pursuit known to human kind.  Seeking God, seeking Spirit is what gets us out of bed to meet our day.  Remember that truth to one is not truth to another, and that truth is elastic.  Seeking it for yourself will bring you freedom, peace, understanding, safety, power, being finished, and winning the race…..

What keeps me seeking TAO the path of righteousness?  Tao is defined as the force behind ALL creation.  When armed with righteousness and the blessings from Heaven, I become fearless.

When we do the right thing for the right reason, the right result awaits us!


One thought on “An Oak tree or a blade of grass… which one are you?

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…. so glad you sent me the link! I do not know why I could not connect the other way. This is beautiful, and you may consider me an official “follower” of your blog! I recently changed my goals from “do x amount of sales etc” per week” to … “work x amount of hours.” That frees me to just do what I do with the people I care about and the new people I meet that I will soon care about more personally… and let go of the results. The results are up to the Universe, and I cannot control them. All I can do is show up and do the work. OR Do the right thing for the right reasons, right? 😉 love ya Sistah!

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