Glass Slippers or Combat Boots?

Today it occurred to me that sometimes I am more comfortable in combat boots than in glass slippers.  I was never much of a princess, I was more of an athletic tomboy, but I loved being a girly girl –  I always longed for ballgowns, and reasons to get dressed up, put on makeup and dance.  It seems like the journey thus far has taken me thru a lot of battles, rather than castles and carriages –  both personally and professionally.  Walking around with my ‘dukes up’ was comfortable and common.  I have always carried a ‘shield’ and have chose to wear many different cloaks of armor.  Putting on my combat boots and going to war to fight, (not only for myself but for others)  before I even knew what the battle was about  is something I did passionately and regularly.  Whether it be the plight of Greenpeace and protecting the whales, or other endangered species, or looking out for those less fortunate, the habit began to take it’s toll.  After much introspection, and a myriad of personal experiences, one being a G.U.T.S. course I participated in last Fall in Minnesota (Giving Unbelievable Attention to Self) {check out if you are interested in learning more about your Head, your Heart, your Hands and your Haven} it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe I would like to wear glass slippers.  Like Cinderella’s transformation, once she wore them, she really didn’t want to go back to the way things were before she knew what things could be.  The possibility of success lurks in the darkness of failure.  Often times we must fail before we completely understand and in seeking  the truth we gain wisdom and eventually win without going to war.  Effective warriors never raise their voice, don’t practice fighting and win through peacefulness.  The wisest of men say nothing.    So, now, instead of becoming mentally frustrated and overwhelmed by what is ‘not fair’ in life, I am leaning back on the Ancient (but Eternal) Truths –  the roots of Godly, biblical, spiritual, taoist, buddhist philosophies,  that embrace pirnciples that govern every living thing, including me and my fellow humans.  I have learned that the BEST strategy to winning at war, is without fighting.  Maybe it’s time for you to put your combat boots under your bed, just in case you need them……..So, with this new wisdom, tell me, how do you have glass slippers that fit?


3 thoughts on “Glass Slippers or Combat Boots?

  1. I feel very lucky that I get a piece of you now, as I said I always love chatting with you because you are so inspirational! I will follow our blog, because it makes me ponder things otherwise left unnoticed. Thank You.

  2. Love the line, “The possibility of success lurks in the darkness of failure”. An appropriate line for me this week. My glass slippers are in the form of letting people make their own decisions and then stepping back and letting go of it. I will not “fight” anymore, it is so draining.
    I enjoy your blogs, you are a beautiful writer and I love your viewpoints and wisdom.
    Thanks for making my day better.

    • Hi Holly – well as you can see…………here it is, the beginning of the book which has been in the process of being written for the last 10 years, and the insights and opportunity to explore my life with others. I thought a blog would be a great place to try out writing, see if people were interested and if they would read what I write. It’s a blessing. I have been encouraged by quite a few to write………so, I write. I am so happy that you read me and wrote – are you following my blog, I am not even sure ‘how’ people follow, but I sure hope you do and maybe share me with others. I made that line up about success and failure, as it’s been my experience, once you find a flashlight, you realize it’s not so dark anymore, I am so afraid of success that I keep failing – funny, right? As you say, fighting is SO draining – so I am happy you have a pair of glass slippers. Mine are cracked, so I may need to order a new pair. I am so honored and grateful for your compliments, I love this part of me. Looking forward to remembering, connecting and celebrating life with you each and every day, even if from afar, for where 2 or more are gathered in His midst, there is Love

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